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CNC Pipe Threading Lathe

        Sanzheng are a professional pipe thread lathe supplier and manufacturer.professional manufacturer of pipe threading lathes, CNC lathes, ordinary lathes and special lathes,big bore pipes。
        SanZheng CNC pipe thread lathe can do all kinds of lathe machine threading mainly for turning of oil-field pipe threads.turning of kinds of pipe threads,universal CNC Lathe.thread turning, and the bed is processed by natural aging treatment. The surface of the bed adopts super audio frequency quenching treatment, and the hardness reaches above HRC52. The cone size (master) and tailstock are all treated with rhodium-plated chrome plating. The saddle is treated with film and the movement of the saddle is light, which reduces the wear of the guide rail of the bed. The slide plate is provided with fast feed. Widely used in the oil sector, Zhijin Department, chemical and hydropower, geology and so on.

        SanZheng is professional CNC pipe thread lathe manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing bulk products for sale. Welcome to wholesale high quality CNC pipe thread lathe at cheap price from our factory.

CNC Pipe Threading Lathe

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